I am thrilled to announce that Pen-L Publishing will release my next book in 2015.  It's called Melody For Murder and is set on the South Side of Chicago.  My protagonist is a 40-something African American choir director and amateur sleuth named Bertie Bigelow.  Curious?  Here's a short description:


                                                     MELODY FOR MURDER                    

When Bertie Bigelow reluctantly accepts a New Year’s date with the pompous Judge Theophilous Green, she never imagines he’ll be found shot to death the next morning. LaShawn Thomas, her talented but troubled student at Metro Community College, is quickly arrested for the crime. But Bertie suspects that someone in her tight-knit social circle is really the killer. Is it Patrice Soule, the hot-tempered and voluptuous winner of the 2011 Illinois Idol contest? Is it Charley Howard? Also known as the Hot Sauce King, he’s a self-made millionaire with Mafia connections. Dr. Abiole Zwade has just invented a hot new sex drug that’s got several powerful South Side politicians feeling frisky.  Could he be the killer?  Or is it Alderman “Steady Freddy” Clark, corrupt ward boss and would-be patron of the arts?  One thing is certain - Bertie will need to keep her wits about her to avoid becoming the killer’s next victim!


The book is coming out in 2015 - stay tuned to this website for further updates.