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What keeps you from doing your best creative work?


Are you experiencing chronic physical challenges such as  back pain, hand pain, shoulder pain, tendonitis or headaches?


Are you having difficulty singing or speaking effectively?


Do you suffer from stress-related mental or emotional challenges such as insomnia, anxiety, low energy, stage fright or writer’s block?

Carolyn offers hands-on Reiki healing, intuitive counseling and mediumship sittings.  





"With a thirty-minute phone conversation, Carolyn provided me with the tools and strategies to reframe my situation and aim for a truer solution.  

Feeling stifled with my current work position I’ve been going through the usual steps of finding a better fit. My introduction to Reiki through Carolyn has benefited my soul and my job search. With her keen intuitive sense, practical nature and creative spirit, Carolyn’s approachable methods inspired me to reassess my abilities, bringing clarity and motivation to my search. These strategies have reinvigorated my pursuit and my outlook.

I highly recommend a Reiki session with Carolyn." - L.K. Arlington, MA

"Carolyn's gift truly works! We have received Reiki treatments several times & it's been the game changer we needed" - Jane Potter, musician
"Carolyn will make you feel warm, fuzzy, and relaxed with her healing
energy" - Ellen Stein, nurse and musician



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