With my teacher Tony Stockwell at Arthur Findlay

College of Psychic Arts in Stansted, UK

I am a psychic medium. 

What is this exactly? 

It means that I have been trained to receive clear messages both from the energies of the people, animals, places and things around me and from the higher realms where our deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides and ancestors reside. 


I have studied with several of the best psychics and mediums in the world:


 Mavis Pitilla’s Boston Mentorship (March 2018-present)

Tony Stockwell (Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK January 2018; Pathways Within, April 2018)

 Lynn Provert (Encinitas, CA 2017)

James Van Praagh (Psychic Development, Mediumship One and Two Certification Graduate, 2015-present)

Sonia Tully (private coaching in intuitive studies - 2015)

Sonia Choquette (Trust Your Vibes Workshop - 2014)

Marie Manucherhi (Mediumship Workshop - 2014)

Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (Awaken Your Light Body graduate studies 1996-2015)

To find out more about how I talk to the dead, check out this five-minute video: