I am a Reiki Master, a psychic medium and an intuitive counselor. 


To find out more about my work in each of these disciplines, click the links listed for each area.  But please remember that although things appear in neat, tidy categories here, the truth is that these three aspects of my work often overlap. 


For all healing work, my rates are the same:

1/2 hour session (either via Skype or in person) - $50




One hour session - $100






To make an appointment, send an email to info@carolynwilkins.com


I look forward to working with you!





"With a thirty-minute phone conversation, Carolyn provided me with the tools and strategies to reframe my situation and aim for a truer solution.  

Feeling stifled with my current work position I’ve been going through the usual steps of finding a better fit. My introduction to Reiki through Carolyn has benefited my soul and my job search. With her keen intuitive sense, practical nature and creative spirit, Carolyn’s approachable methods inspired me to reassess my abilities, bringing clarity and motivation to my search. These strategies have reinvigorated my pursuit and my outlook.  I highly recommend a Reiki session with Carolyn." - L.K. Arlington, MA

"Carolyn's gift truly works! We have received Reiki treatments several times & it's been the game changer we needed" - Jane Potter, musician

"Carolyn will make you feel warm, fuzzy, and relaxed with her healing energy" - Ellen Stein, nurse and musician

"Hi Carolyn.  Thanks for a great session.  It was very cool and interesting.  I am not surprised at all that it was my father that came through." - Jacqueline Rossi, Yoga Instructor


"Wow! Thanks for the insightful reading." - Larry David, musician and medium


"Wow! Seriously, that was the clearest, most precise description of a loved one on the other side that I have ever experienced with a medium, and I've been to a few!" - Christina Watson, musician and teacher


"Thank you so much for the beautiful, instructive and revealing reading today!  I’m so happy you recorded it so I can refer back to it.  I trust you not only because of your energy, talent and training, but more so because we have played music together and share the Oberlin connection.  You are such a remarkable person, Carolyn!  I am grateful for you in my life and will spread the word about your work." - Kathy Chiavola, musician and educator 






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