It is easy to become discouraged if you are a creative person trying to get your work out to the public.  Every day more and more books are being written, CD's being produced and bands being formed. And every day,there are fewer and fewer publishers, record companies and performance venues.  It seems that everybody is desperate to be seen and heard and it is easy to wonder if there is any point in even trying to be heard.

At times like these I like to remind myself exactly why I've created my art in the first place.  I don't write or play music in order to become famous. Lord knows, I don't do it to make money either.  Not to say that fame and fortune are not nice things.  They are, but if they are the only motivation you have for doing what it is you do, you are setting yourself up for unhappiness.

There is an intrinsic joy in making art, whether it's writing a book, playing a great solo or cooking the perfect soup.  This is the thing I try to hold on to when times get tough. 

The reward in making art is in the doing.  Don't let anyone tell you different.